Ed's two latest books

Authority in the Spirit Realm
To win the fight of faith in the war for your soul, you need to know your authority in the spirit realm.

In Authority in the Spirit Realm, (208 pages), Ed Horak clearly outlines the true nature of spiritual warfare. He underscores how Jesus’ shed blood at the cross has already won your victory, and he shows you how to play your part in enforcing the adversary’s defeat.

Authority in the Spirit Realm also exposes the tactics of your spiritual adversary, and will equip you to walk victoriously in both the ‘permission’ and ‘power’ of the name of Jesus.

Authority in the Spirit Realm


The Money Moment (252 pages) is a powerful weekly devotional that teaches you the lifestyle and benefits of a planned and systematic giving. This practical resource will surprise pastors and congregation alike with life changing truth about The Lord's plan for financial freedom both corporately for the church and individually as well. Click on graphic to see featured item on booklist.

For a sample Money Moment Devotional go to: http://www.edhorak.com/moneymoment/

The Money Moment